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The SNOBs are one of Ohio's oldest homebrewing

clubs, dedicated to promoting the brewing and enjoyment of fine beers.  Founded in 1990, the club meets the first Monday of each month a 7:30 PM at Sachsenheim Hall in Cleveland's West Side. In addition to monthly meetings, the club also sponsors special evenings at local brewpubs and restaurants (SNOBs Nights out), a spring pub crawl (Beer and No Sweat), a summer camping event (Brew and Canoe, in Huron), our annual Oktoberfest weekend festival in Hinckley, and an extravagant Christmas party. Visitors are always welcome at our meetings, where they will find lively presentations on beer and brewing, great conversation, and answers to any brewing questions they might have.

SNOBs Christmas Party

Friday December 5th at 6:00 PM

Dinner will be served promptly at 7:30 p.m. This is a club-sponsored event for paid members. If you wish to invite a guest, the cost will be $20.00, to be paid in advance. If you are not sure if you paid your 2014 dues or need to pay for a guest, please see our Treasurer, Ace Knapp.

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Since the party will be catered, you must let us know you are coming. Please email Mark if you haven't already signed up. We must have your response by Friday, November 28th at the latest. No exceptions.

As in the past, there will be a beer exchange. Bring up to 3 wrapped beers and you will receive the same number of wrapped beers in exchange. Beers can be good commercial or homebrew beers. It should be something you'd like to receive and drink yourself.

Location - The Sachsenheim Hall

Son Of Brewzilla

Cleveland's Premier Homebrew Competition

The region's best homebrewers compete for both medals and prizes during this year's Cleveland Beer Week event.

Click Here for the 2012 Awards Ceremony Presentation

Click Here for the 2012 Winners

Click Here for the 2011 Winners

Click Here for the 2010 Winners



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December there is no meeting
SNOB Christmas Party takes place instead

Monday, January 5th, 7:30PM
The Sachsenheim Hall
7001 Denison Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102-5246
(216) 651-0888
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Monday October 10-19
Cleveland Beer Week
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