Club Meeting Presentations

Hop Chemistry by Doug Frye

Cleveland Water 2016 by Andrew Mitchell

Kombucha 2016 by Jennifer Hermann

OCBA Hop Presentation 2016 by Chris Altmont

Haus Malts Homebrew 2016 by Andrew Martahus

From Homebrewer to Nanobrewer by Jeff Bradbury

Sour Worting by Rick Seibt

Making Mead 101 by Todd Donnelly

Mead 101 Summary by Todd Donnelly

Yeast 101 By Zech Laughbaum

Selecting a Fermenter By Jim Gress

Medaling in Competitions By Cara Baker and Jim Jadwisiak

Hallertau Hop Harvest By Patrick Daniels

Building a Cold Room By Jeff Bradbury

Winter Warmers and Big Brew Systems By Todd Donnelly

American Ales By Greg Irving

India Pale Ale By Matt Cole

American Amber Ale By Greg Irving

Koelsch By Rick Seibt

Witbier Links By Brad Lipinski

Brewing Porter By Andy Tveekrem

Draught Beer Quality By Rob Gerrity

Kegerators 101 By Todd Donnelly

Belgian Dark Strong Ale By Mike Ontolchik

Water Chemistry By Steve Alexander

Brewing Sour Beer Presentation By Eric Anderson

Brewing With Cleveland Municipal Water by Paul Shick

Some of our clubs best recipes

Marzen V
Son of Brewzilla 2011 Gold Medal European Amber Lager
By Tom Tucker
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Summer Saison
Son of Brewzilla 2013 Gold Medal Belgian and French Ale
By Nathan Kovach
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BJCP Study Group 2017

Session 1-Introduction to Beer Judging (Paul Shick)

Session 2-Malt and Yeast (Larry Reuter)

Session 3-Water (Paul Shick)

Session 4-Hops (Shawn Adams)

BJCP Study Group 2014

Session 1-Introduction to Beer Judging (Paul Shick)

Session 2-Malt and the Malting Process (Paul Shick)

Session 3-Water (Mike Ontolchik)

Session 4-Mashing (Andy Tveekrem)

Session 7-Brewing Processes (Paul Shick)

BJCP Study Materials

Mastering the Beer Judge Test

Beer Faults

Interim Study Guide

Beer Score Sheet Form

Off Flavor Flash Cards

Flavors In Beer

Flavor Wheel



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